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Sheet Protectors

C-Line is proud to offer a broad line of tough, durable sheet protectors made from the highest quality materials. You're certain to find a sheet protector that meets your needs, no matter what job you're trying to accomplish. Top loading and specialty sheet protectors are available in a variety of materials and colors. C-Line's sheet protectors are designed to protect your documents day after day, no matter how often they're handled. Remember, with all C-Line top loading sheet protectors - no sheet punching is necessary. Learn more about how to select the right sheet protector.

  C-Line Products Super Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Super Heavyweight Polypropylene

Make a lasting impression when it counts!

  C-Line Products Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Heavyweight Polypropylene

C-Line's most popular top loading sheet protector, and for good reason.

  C-Line Products Heavyweight Sheet Protector with Antimicrobial Protection

Heavyweight - Antimicrobial Polypropylene

Heavyweight sheet protectors have built-in MicrobanŽ antimicrobial protection.

  C-Line Products Standard Weight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Standard Weight Polypropylene

Standard weight polypropylene means durable storage for documents and reference materials.

  C-Line Products Heavyweight Mini Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Heavyweight Mini 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 Polypropylene

C-Line's mini sheet protector fits mini or executive size binders.

  C-Line Products No-Hole Sheet Protector

New - No-Hole Sheet Protector

No-Hole Sheet Protectors offer the extra document storage durability of traditional heavyweight sheet protectors, but without the three-hole punched binding strip.

  C-Line Products Economy Weight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Economy Weight Polypropylene

Best for maximum binder capacity!

  Recycled Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Recycled Standard Weight Polypropylene

The industry's first recycled polypropylene top loading sheet protector!

  Biodegradable Sheet Protectors

Biodegradable Sheet Protectors - Standard Weight Polypropylene

Biodegradable Sheet Protectors are made from acid-free polypropylene which contains an additional additive that allows it to biodegrade when tested according to the ASTM D5511.*

  C-Line Products Super Heavyweight Vinyl Sheet Protectors

Super Heavyweight Vinyl

Vinyl sheet protectors provide maximum durability plus outstanding performance in preserving and protecting high-use presentation materials, letters and reports.

  C-Line Products 5-Tab Poly Binder Index Dividers

5-Tab Poly Binder Index Dividers

Tabbed poly index dividers organize your binder instantly.

  C-Line Products Sheet Protectors with Index Tabs Polypropylene

Sheet Protectors with Index Tabs and Inserts Polypropylene

A top loading polypropylene sheet protector and index all in one!

  C-Line Products Sheet Protectors with Colored Edges

Sheet Protectors with Colored Edges Polypropylene

Further your organization with these colored edge sheet protectors.

  C-Line Products Colored Sheet Protectors Polypropylene

Colored Sheet Protectors Polypropylene

The ultimate in the color coding experience.

  C-Line Products Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book

New - Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book

Present your report, project or artwork in style with this presentation book.

  C-Line Products High Capacity Sheet Protectors Polypropylene

High Capacity Sheet Protectors Polypropylene

Reclaim your work area by clearing catalogs, magazines, software manuals and more off of your desktop and into three-ring binders!

  Super Capacity Sheet Protector With Tuck-In Flap

Super Capacity Sheet Protector With Tuck-in Flap Vinyl

Durable, heavy-duty vinyl pocket keeps documents safe. Gusseted pocket expands to hold papers, catalogs, booklets, magazines, etc.

  C-Line Products Side Loading Sheet Protectors

Side Loading Sheet Protectors

Unique loading sheet protectors allow greater control while loading sensitive paper types.

  C-Line Products Binder Pocket

New - Binder Pocket

Binder Pockets are made from durable acid-free polypropylene.

  C-Line Products Binder Pocket with Write-on Index Tabs

New - Binder Pocket with Write-on Index Tabs

Colorful poly pockets organize your binder with style and efficiency.

  Side Load Sheet Protector With Hook and Loop Flap

Side Load Sheet Protector With Hook and Loop Flap Polypropylene

Super-heavyweight polypropylene pockets keep documents safely stored in ring binders.

  C-Line Products Panoramic Fold-Out Sheet Protectors Poly

Panoramic Fold-out Polypropylene

Double wide fold-out page protector allows you to customize presentations over a spread 17" wide.

  C-Line Products Traditional Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Traditional Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Your best value! These traditional sheet protectors won't crack or tear, keeping your documents looking their best in three-ring binders.

  C-Line Products Heavyweight Legal Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Heavyweight Legal Polypropylene

Keep your legal-sized documents protected!

  C-Line Products A4 Size Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

A4 Size Polypropylene

C-Line has your solution to document storage for your A4 size papers.


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