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7 Design Tips for Creative Scrapbook Pages


Memories are Forever – But Only if You Protect and Preserve Them

Tips for Protecting and Preserving Scrapbook Pages.

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You cut, place, arrange, affix, rearrange again, journal and finally you’ve created the perfect scrapbook page. You’ve captured a piece of time to treasure and share with others . . . what’s next? The Page Protector – that all important plastic sheet that you slip your finished page into that preserves and protects it for years to come.

How do you select a page protector?

Memory Book 8 1/2 x 11 Page ProtectorFirst, make sure that your page protector is acid-free. C-Line’s Memory Book Scrapbooking Products  are manufactured from acid-free polypropylene. Page protectors that contain acid can damage scrapbook pages. Acids can react in different ways depending on the environment and the materials they come into contact with. Acids can react with photos, paper and other scrapbook products causing corrosion, discoloration, shortened life span and brittleness among other problems. Acid-free refers to products that have a pH level within a certain range of acceptability to preserve long-life.

Mylar® is another material that is used for page protectors. It is also considered acid-free. Mylar is not used as often as polypropylene because it is much more expensive.

Beware of vinyl. Vinyl page protectors can lift the ink from a page and harm photos. Vinyl page protectors are not the best choice for preserving scrapbooking pages.

What sizes and styles are available?

Memory Book Mini and Panoramic Page ProtectorsThere are many sizes and styles of page protectors available. The most common sizes are 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors and
12 x 12 page protectors. C-Line’s Memory Book Page Protectors are also available in a mini 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 page protector and
mini 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 page protectors, that allow for the creation of smaller sized scrapbooks. Memory Book page protectors are also available in a Panoramic 12 x 12 style, that enable you to create four page spreads.

Page protectors are available in a choice of clear or non-glare finishes. The finish is strictly a matter of choice. Many scrappers prefer the crystal clear finish that allows their work to shine through, while others prefer the light reflective properties of the non-glare pages. Each group has a very loyal audience.

How thick should it be?

Page protectors come in a variety of thicknesses including standard weight and heavyweight. A common complaint that we hear is that page protectors rip at the binding edge from too much page turning. Or, that scrapbookers want a heavier page protector to display and store their finished pages. All Memory Book Scrapbooking Products by C-Line are made from heavyweight polypropylene material and feature a super strong clear, binding edge to withstand years of handling.

What are the benefits of C-Line page protectors?

  • No trimming of 12 x 12 paper is necessary to fit in the protector. C-Line page protectors hold a true 12 x 12 sheet of paper. Many 12 x 12 page protectors require that you trim the paper first, not so with C-Line. Also, most 12 x 12 paper will fit in the protector whichever way you create the page. You can turn it any of 4-ways before placing it in the protector. This does not hold true for many other page protectors.
  • Memory Book 12 x 12 Antimicrobial Page ProtectorC-Line page protectors are top loading. You can rearrange pages, change their order, etc. without taking them out of the binder. Simply slip them in and out of the page protector. Many binders have to be disassembled in order to remove pages and rearrange them.
  • C-Line page protectors meet the Creating Keepsakes CKOK standards for acid-free page protectors. They will preserve your memories for generations to come.
  • C-Line Memory Book Page Protector packaging contains tips for the consumer to help you with your scrapbooking.
How else can a page protector be used?
  • Cut and fold them to create 3-dimensional boxes to hold small items (Ellison Crafts has done this)
  • Mount them on top of each other to create multiple flip-style pages (C-Line Memory Book Flip Pockets® are ready to use, as seen to the right.)
Memory Book Flip Pockets

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