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"Get Green" With C-Line's New Biodegradable Products

C-Line has done it again! The company that brought you the first Recycled Top Loading Sheet Protector and the first Antimicrobial Top Loading Sheet Protector, now brings you the first Biodegradable Top Loading Sheet Protector! For years, C-Line has helped customers protect their valuable documents and information with its complete line of storage and organization products and C-Line continues to offer solutions that help preserve and protect our environment as well.

C-Line's Biodegradable Sheet Protectors are manufactured with an additional additive that allows them to fully biodegrade while leaving no toxic residue. Biodegradable Sheet Protectors That means that C-Line's Biodegradable Sheet Protectors will decompose in landfills, compost environments or when buried in soil with no harm to the environment. Biodegradable Sheet Protectors will not biodegrade in the home, office, warehouse or store shelf environment. These clear, polypropylene, 8½ x 11 sheet protectors provide acid-free, archival quality protection so print won't stick. They are available in a 10-pack (retail $3.99), 50 count box (retail $11.40) and 100 count box (retail $19.40).

C-Line has extended its Biodegradable technology to include Biodegradable Project Folders too. Manufactured from clear, heavyweight, archival quality polypropylene, these letter-size biodegradable project folders will decompose in landfills, compost environments or when buried in soil. They are available in a 25-count box (retail $11.40) or packaged 5 per pack in a 24-pack display (retail $4.19 per pack).

C-Line's Biodegradable Sheet Protectors and Biodegradable Project Folders meet the EPA definition of biodegradable.

Let C-Line help your customers "Get Green". Choose from our new Biodegradable products (available in April 2008) or from our many recycled and antimicrobial products including Recycled Sheet Protectors and Antimicrobial Sheet Protectors -designed to help protect both you and the environment.

C-Line Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of storage, protection and organization products for the office products industry. The company is headquartered in Mount Prospect, IL, and maintains distribution facilities in Sacramento, CA and Mount Prospect, IL. For more information about C-Line and its Biodegradable Products, contact Jean Andersen at 1-800-323-6084 or visit https://www.c-lineproducts.com/.