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Biodegradable Name Badge Holder Kit

Product Features
Get Templates Biodegradable Name Badge Holders are made from acid-free polypropylene which contains an additional additive that allows it to biodegrade when tested according to the ASTM D5511.*
  • Kit comes with reusable clear polypropylene holders, cotton fiber hanging cords and white 11 x 8 1/2 micro-perforated laser/inkjet inserts
  • Top loading
  • Sealed on three sides
  • Built-in templates in Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect
  • Replacement inserts let you use your plastic name badge holders over and over.
  •
* Learn about ASTM testing and the time and conditions it takes for these products to biodegrade. Because of the wide variation in landfill systems, actual timing may vary. Incidental parts (hanging cords) are not expected to biodegrade.

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Biodegradable Hanging Name Badge Holder Kit, 4 x 3, 50/BX
$ 42.80

About This Item
Biodegradable name badges incorporate an additional additive that allows them to biodegrade in landfills. Includes hanging cord.