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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shop Ticket Holders 

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Shop ticket holders are used in manufacturing facilities, offices, auto repair shops, restaurants, hotels, print shops, photo labs and more. Did you know that C-Line Products first started producing shop ticket holders (sometimes called job ticket holders) way back in 1954? 

Why use shop ticket holders?
People use holders for a variety of reasons. These reasons include keeping information clean and dry and keeping information organized. Without job ticket Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holders holders, people working in a factory setting would get ink or dirt on the job orders. The holders keep the materials organized. Organization is especially good to keep all the parts of a project together. For instance, a shop ticket holder can keep the instructions and a sample of a job in the same place. Auto dealers often use holders to keep a work order for a car along with the car keys. Colored holders can be used to organize jobs by department, importance, or due date. Holders are also a great way to post information so that it can be seen and so it can be changed as necessary. For instance a common use of self-adhesive holders is to post cleaning schedules on doors where an employee needs to initial that a cleaning has been done on a scheduled basis.  

What is the difference between shop ticket holders and job ticket holders?
There are many phrases used to describe shop ticket holders, but they all really refer to the same thing.  Terms include Ticket Holder, Job Ticket Holder, Shop Ticket Holder, Welded Ticket Holder, Vinyl Envelope, Sewn Shop Ticket Holder and Stitched Shop Ticket Holder.

Kinds of shop ticket holders
C-Line offers two basic kinds of shop ticket holders: Stitched Shop Ticket Holders and Sealed Shop Ticket Holders.

Stitched shop ticket holders
Stitched shop ticket holders are just what you would image they might be—these holders are produced using an actual sewing machine. For stitched shop ticket holders, the pockets are made of clear vinyl or pressboard sewn together with a plastic or fabric reinforcing strip. Stitched Shop Ticket Holders Stitched shop ticket holders are typically made with either both sides clear or one side clear and one side “pressboard” or black card stock. In a simple sense, the front and back are cut to size and then sewn together with an extra layer of material used as a reinforcing strip. Once the sewing is complete a brass grommet is attached for hanging. Some models include an extra long piece of material at the top for hanging. This is especially useful if the holder needs to hang some distance down to protect what it is hanging from. For example, you might want a shop ticket holder with strap to hang on a car mirror to avoid scratching the car. Or you may need extra storage capacity, for which you may find the high capacity holder or dual pocket hanging holder good to use.

Sealed all vinyl shop ticket holders
Sealed Sealed Shop Ticket Holders all vinyl shop ticket holders are made by welding two pieces of vinyl together to form a pocket. This is a more economical holder than the stitched shop ticket  holder. It also offers the option of coating one of the vinyl sheets with self-adhesive material which can be attached to walls or equipment. Other options include attaching a magnet to the back to create magnetic shop ticket holders or using a press and seal zipper to create industrial zippered holders, which will protect products from dirt and moisture in a closed pocket.