Classroom Learning

For over 70-years, the C-Line name has been a leading national brand in the Office & School channels. Educational and school supplies are one of C-Line’s fastest growing categories. We are proud to offer back-to-school essentials for both students and teachers. Our curated assortment of classroom supplies includes study aids like the dry erase pockets, along with a variety of different storage tools like index card cases, pencil cases, Chair Cubbies and more!

Index Card Storage

C-Line has compact storage cases that make it possible to transport index cards with ease. Instantly create flash cards for studying or a recipe card storage system by using the index card notebook or card cases.

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Dry Erase Pockets, Dots, & Boards

Allow children to be able to practice new skills almost anywhere with C-Line’s assortment of dry erase study tools. Incorporate this study aid in the classroom and at home to help encourage children to keep practicing their skills.

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Chair Cubbies

Avoiding clutter and maximizing storage space is key in any classroom or eLearning setting. This innovative product allows the chair to be a source of storage for folders, binders, pencil cases and more.

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Transparency Film

Even in a world of electronic visuals, overhead projectors are a reliable and easy way to provide visuals for presentations. C-Line’s Transparency Films let you create overhead transparencies in a variety of different ways.

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Pencil Storage

Do you have a student who has classes in more than one classroom during the day? Are you a professional who travels from one client meeting to another? C-Line has compact storage cases that make it possible to transport supplies with ease.

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Storage Pockets

C-Line offers a variety of unique products designed specifically to help you create more efficient and effective means of storage and organization. Our range of storage pockets create a home for a variety of things found within the classroom setting.

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