After more than 70 years in the poly space, C-Line is proud to offer a full line of paper products for school, home, and business! Our paper quality is among the best and brightest in the market. Available in 1-Subject and Hardbound Notebooks, Composition Notebooks and Filler Paper, this category continues to grow to incorporate products that are beneficial to both students and professionals. Always be prepped and ready for notetaking with C-Line’s newest category -- Notebooks & Filler Paper!

Filler Paper

The need to jot down a quick message or take detailed notes is something many individuals do daily, and now C-Line is here to help! Instantly create writing space in binders and folders, by inserting the three-hole punched filler paper.

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Whether you are an elementary school student, a corporate executive, a home-school teacher or anyone in between, our notebooks are not only versatile, but boast premium quality. The notebook colors are bold and bright and sure to catch your eye!

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Composition Books

Always be prepped and ready for notetaking with C-Line’s Composition Notebooks! Ideal for journaling or a specific project or class, the notebooks are a compact way to keep an ongoing record in a single place.

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Index Cards

Index cards are a great way to keep your notes and lists organized. These handy cards provide a convenient, compact way to record and store information like homework assignments, to-do lists, recipes and more!

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