Environmental Products Update

At C-Line, we believe that transparency is key to any successful partnership and our goal is to always keep our customers informed when it comes to key aspects of our product line. In an effort to do so, we would like to provide a reminder on the best practice when it comes to selling our biodegradable products, specifically as it relates to selling into the State of California.

Please be advised that the products identified in this letter are not intended for sale in the State of California.  See Cal. Pub. Res. Code § 42357 (imposing limitations on the use of “biodegradable” claims in connection with the sale of plastic products in California).  C-Line restricts its sale of the products to outside of California.  C-Line, however, is not aware of and does not control the chain of distribution beyond its direct wholesaler and distributor customers.  Accordingly, C-Line is advising you of the foregoing so that you can similarly restrict your own sale of the products to outside of California, and inform your customers in the chain of distribution of this information so that they can do the same. 

The products covered by this notice include:

  • 33747: Biodegradable Side Loading Binder Pocket with 1" Gusset, Clear, 10/PK, 12PK/BX
  • 35107: Biodegradable X-Large Reusable Envelope w/Hook Loop, Clear, 5/PK, 5PK/BX
  • 35117: Biodegradable Reusable Envelope w/String, 1" gusset, Clear, 5/PK, 5PK/BX
  • 48310: Biodegradable Expanding File, 13-Pocket, Assorted, 12EA/DS
  • 62607: Biodegradable Top Loading Sheet Protectors, Clear, Standard Wt Poly., 11 x 8½, 50/BX
  • 62617: Biodegradable Top Loading Sheet Protectors, Clear, Standard Wt Poly., 11 x 8½, 100/BX
  • 62627: Biodegradable Project Folders, Clear, 11 x 8½, 25/BX
  • 97043: Biodegradable Hanging Badge Kit w/White Cord, Sealed with Inserts, 50/BX


If you have any questions or need assistance updating your content, please contact your C-Line representative or our Customer Service team at CustomerService@c-lineproducts.com. Thank you very much for your assistance and attention to this important matter!