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How to download a printer template

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Inkjet/Laser Name Tents & HoldersWhen you know how to download C-Line templates, its easy to create professional looking name badges, name tent cards, label holders, and more. For quick and easy results, just download the product template, insert your text, logo, or image and print. Here are instructions on how to find the appropriate template and download it for your use.

Locating and Downloading a Template

  1. Visit the Template Gallery on the C-Line website. To get there, click on the Template button in the left-hand blue navigation bar from any page within the website, or go directly to https://www.c-lineproducts.com/template.
  2. Find the appropriate template in the Template Gallery. Look for the product number from the listings on the webpage.
  3. Selecting a template from the websiteWhen you have located the correct template, click on the product number link. The product number should turn red as you hover over the link and click on it.

    This image shows the template for the 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 name badge insert (LBI35), being selected. This template is used in items 92423, 94223, 95523, and 95723.

  4. Product Template Webpage, left-click to start template downloadOnce the link is clicked on, a new webpage will appear, like the example show to the right.

    The new page contains an image of what the template looks like and download instructions for Windows and Macintosh users who are using Internet Explorer.

  5. While on the new webpage, left-click the blue template link. All templates are either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat files, and will have a file extension of .dot or .pdf, respectively.
  6. Once the template link has been clicked, a File Download popup box will appear, like in the image below. It will prompt you to either Open the file, to Save it to your computer, or Cancel this action.

    File Download Popup Box

    • If you select to Open the file, it will open as either a:
      • "Read-Only" Microsoft Word document - This file can be edited as needed, but must be saved as a different name on your computer once completed.
        Microsoft Word files are used for any insert or template that needs to be edited, like those for Sheet Protectors with Index Tabs and Inserts.
      • PDF file - This file can only be printed and saved to your computer. No changes or editing is allowed to this type of document.
        PDF files are used with templates that do not need to altered, such as those for the Reusable Dry Erase Pockets.
    • If you select to Save the file, a Save As popup box will appear, like the example shown below. From this box, determine the name you would like to save the template as and where in your computer you want to save it.

      Saving a Template File To Your Computer

      Once the file name and location have been deteremined, click Save. You will now need to navigate to that file location in your computer to open the template.

    • If you select to Cancel this action, the File Download popup box will close and you will return to the template webpage.
  7. You have now downloaded the desired product or insert template for editing and/or printing.

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