Black-out Security Sheet Protectors Keep Consumer Documents Secure

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Black-out Sheet Protectors
The Black-out Security Sheet Protector
features an opaque black design to keep
your documents safe.

April Fool's Day, 2009 - Mt. Prospect, IL - C-Line is pleased to introduce the NEW Black-out Security Sheet Protector, the world's most secure sheet protector. Its opaque black design allows consumers to keep their documents safe from prying eyes.

Originally developed for the Department of Homeland Security with a grant from the National Security Administration as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Black-out Security Sheet Protector frees consumers so that they will no longer have to worry about others reading documents over their shoulders, or looking through their files to gather information while they are away from their binders. The opaque black polypropylene sheet protector is the ultimate in document storage and protection; the only way to access the information inside the protector is to remove it from the holder.

For offices across the country, the opaque sheet protector will help to enforce privacy and information protection regulations. Paul Chasnoff, C-Line’s Director of Corporate Product Management, explained, “These new sheet protectors are a great way for medical offices to comply with the HIPAA laws protecting patient confidentiality. HR departments will benefit as well by protecting employee privacy."

These heavyweight, 8½ x 11, polypropylene sheet protectors also provide acid-free protection for your information. The 50 count box will be available later this spring and will retail for $16.66.

As a complement to the new document security product, C-Line will be introducing a Lock-out Binder with built-in pad lock later this year.

For more information on the Black-out Security Sheet Protector, please click here.

About C-Line
C-Line Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of storage, protection and organization products for the office products industry.  The company is headquartered in Mount Prospect, IL, and maintains distribution facilities in Sacramento, CA and Mount Prospect, IL.  For more information on the Black-out Sheet Protector, or any other C-Line product, contact Jean Andersen at (800) 323-6084 x3361 or visit

Published at: June 29, 2021