Breaking News: C-Line Does It Again with Another Unique Sheet Protector

- Thank You for Enjoying our April Fool's Joke -

April 1, 2019 - Mt. Prospect, IL - C-Line is always trying to stay in the lead when it comes to innovation and technology. This year C-Line’s engineering, IT, and product team came together to create the most cutting edge product: the Media Bias Detector Sheet Protector! Media Bias Detector Sheet Protector

The Media Bias Detector Sheet Protectors have been a long time coming. After years of planning and developing, the creative team incorporated the most high-end technology and manufactured Sheet Protectors that can analyze news to see if it is biased. With this handy sheet-protector, you won’t be fooled by another biased news article and will be able to get the most accurate information out of the news.

You’re probably scratching your head and wondering how it works. Here is how these unique sheet protectors are used:

  1. Insert a news article either from a newspaper, a magazine, or a printed online article into the Media Bias Detector Sheet Protector.
  2. Give the sheet protector 10-15 seconds to do its magic.
  3. If the news inserted is more biased towards a Republican view, the sheet protector will turn red. On the other hand, if the news is more in a Democrats' voice, the sheet protector will turn blue. If the news is true, then the sheet protector will stay clear.
  4. If the sheet protector changes color, simply remove the article and the color will slowly fade away.
  5. No more fake news. Happy reading!

Comment below and share with us your thoughts on this unbelievable product! For more information on the Media Bias Detector Sheet Protector, please click here.

About C-Line
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Published at: April 01, 2019