Is Your Workplace a Clean Space? New Line of Antimicrobial Protected Products Help You Clean Up!

The average work desk can contain millions of microorganisms, such as stain-causing bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi. These microbes can double in number every 20 minutes. To help prevent the growth and migration of these microorganisms, C-Line Products, Inc. is pleased to introduce its complete line of Antimicrobial Protected Products - to help you clean up.

C-Line's Antimicrobial Protected Products are treated with a patented microscopic powder that is incorporated – at the molecular level – into the plastic during manufacture. This technology is a delivery system for silver ions, which have been proven to have antimicrobial properties. Because antimicrobial technology is built-in to the product during the manufacturing process it works continuously and it won’t wash off or wear away. Antimicrobial Project FoldersThis antimicrobial protection is designed to serve as a major line of defense in combating microorganisms. When coupled with other hygienic measures, it can provide extra protection.

Antimicrobial protection is registered with the EPA. This added protection makes C-Line Antimicrobial Protected Products perfect for use in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, long-term care facilities, food service operations, commercial uses and more. Antimicrobial Sheet Protectors

The complete line of Antimicrobial Protected Products includes: sheet protectors, project folders, Cleer Adheer® laminating film, peel & stick display pockets, magazine covers and x-ray jackets.

C-Line Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and developer of storage, protection and organization products for the office products industry. The company is headquartered in Mount Prospect, IL. For more information about C-Line and its Antimicrobial Protected Products, contact C-Line at 1-800-323-6084. sit

Published at: June 29, 2021