Protect The Memories C-Line Shows Scrapbookers How to Preserve Their Pages

Mt. Prospect, IL - After spending hours creating one scrapbook page, it is important for scrapbook makers to protect their hardwork. C-Line has published a guide to help scrapbookers understand why and how to protect and preserve scrapbook pages.

Noted Lindsay Gomez, C-Line Associate Product Manager, of the new scrapbooking page protection guide, "Sometimes the pages of a scrapbook can take hours or days to create from beginning to end. But, if the pages are not properly stored in the book, they can easily be destroyed by time and normal wear. We are happy to show the scrapbooking community that pages need to be protected, as well as what their options are."

The tips guide for protecting and preserving scrapbook pages showcases the various page protector sizes, weights, styles, and why it is important to protect the pages. Other uses for the page protectors are also featured.

About C-Line
C-Line Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of storage, protection and organization products for the office products industry.  The company is headquartered in Mount Prospect, IL, and maintains distribution facilities in Sacramento, CA and Mount Prospect, IL.  For more information on C-Line’s "Memories are Forever - Tips for Protecting and Preserving Scrapbook Pages" guide, contact Jean Andersen at (800) 323-6084 x3361 or visit

Published at: June 29, 2021