Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protectors Provide Protection and a Snack

- Thank You for Enjoying our April Fool's Joke -

April Fool's Day, 2010 - Mt. Prospect, IL - C-Line is pleased to introduce the NEW
Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protector. This innovative product provides you with storage for all your 8½ x 11 documents and a little snack for the long office days.

Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protectors
The Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protector
features document storage and protection, but also a light snack as well.

The heavyweight sheet protectors feature a reinforced binding edge, with the reinforcing strip being flavored and edible like the rest of the page protector. All colors are flavored for a different fruit:
red = strawberry
orange = peach
yellow = pineapple
green = sour apple
blue = blueberry
purple = pomegranate
pink = guava
white (binding strip) = white grape

"This new item is an offshoot of the many educational-geared products introduced last year. But instead of appealing primarily to children, this product taps into the child inside all of us. The rainbow color pattern and the fruit snack smell will make anyone feel like they are six again," remarked Lindsay Gomez, Associate Product Manager, of the newest innovation added to the C-Line product mix.

The sheet protectors are safe for child and adult consumption, being made with real fruit juice and containing no high fructose corn syrup. A 25 count pack will be available later this spring and will retail for $12.34.

For more information on the Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protector or to find out when they will be available in your area, please click here.

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Published at: June 29, 2021