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  • Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protector, non-glare, 11 x 8 1/2, 100/BX
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Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors

Non-glare, Top Loading, 11 x 8-1/2, 100/BX, 62028

Model: CLI-62028  CLI62028   CLI 62028

Product Features
Extra durable heavyweight sheet protectors provide permanent storage for frequently used materials.
  • 11 x 8 1/2
  • Photocopies won't stick
  • No sheet punching necessary
  • Acid-free
  • Non-glare finish
  • 100/BX
  •

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Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protector, non-glare, 11 x 8 1/2, 100/BX $ 21.50

About This Item
Great for everyday use. Extra durable heavyweight sheet protectors provide permanent storage for frequently used materials. 11 x 8 1/2. Photocopies won't stick. No sheet punching necessary. Acid-free. Non-glare finish. 100/BX.

Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protector, 62028

C-Line's sheet protectors are designed to protect your documents day after day, no matter how often they're handled. Sheet protectors offer an invaluable way to store hard copies of documents, reports and other important paperwork. Use sheet protectors in conjunction with three-ring binders to store, protect and conveniently organize your documents for easy reference when needed.
  • Heavyweight Polypropylene Material --- Provides extra durability for permanent storage of frequently used materials. Documents stay protected in 3-ring binders and resist tearing, even with heavy use. Polypropylene material provides acid-free protection with no photocopy transfer.
  • Acid-free --- Ever have a document stick to a sheet protector or binder? That won't happen with poly material; the threat of photocopy transfer from the document to the sheet protector will be eliminated. This allows for your documents to be better preserved over time.
  • Durable reinforcement strip --- To ensure that the documents remain in the three-ring binder, C-Line features a reinforcement strip along the side of the sheet protector that attaches to the binder. This extra layer of material provides additional protection and security for the document.
  • Letter Size Document Storage --- These sheet protectors are made to store and protect 11 x 8-1/2 documents in standard 3-ring binders. Although they can be used to store smaller size pages, they are ideal for letter-size documents.
  • Top Loading Design --- Provides great protection and ease of use. These sheet protectors are closed on three sides and the paper is inserted from the top. They feature a sealed binding edge that is punched for binders so there is no need to punch holes in your documents. The top loading style allows a document to be added or removed from a sheet protector without having to remove the holder from the binder.
  • Non-glare Finish --- Non-glare sheet protectors are designed to eliminate glare. In order to make a true non-glare sheet protector C-Line uses special resins combined with an embossing pattern to absorb reflected light and eliminate glare. These sheet protectors are great for harsh lighting conditions. Many people prefer these because they hide fingerprints.
  • Three-hole Punched --- Sheet protectors are three-hole punched to fit in standard three-ring binders.

Product Details
UPC Code: 038944620282
Inner Pack: 0
Master Carton UPC: 50038944620287
Carton Weight: 11.25
PDQ Display: N
Load Orientation: Top
Sheet Capacity: 2
Sheet Protector Type: Ring Binder
Insert Size: 11 x 8 1/2
Material(s): Polypropylene
Color(s): Clear
Finish: Non-glare
Thickness/Grade: Heavyweight
Number of Holes Punched: 3
Sheet Protector Special Features: Polypropylene, top-loading sheet protectors preserve and protect high-use presentation materials, letters and reports.
Suggested Use: Extra durability for permanent storage of important materials.
Easy Open Packaging: Y
Warranty Comments: This product will be cheerfully replaced with one of equal value if defective in materials, manufacturing or packaging at the time of purchase. Except for such replacement, this product is sold without warranty or liability even though defect, damage or loss is caused by negligence or other fault.
Package Includes: 100 Sheet Protectors
Country of Origin: China

Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protector, non-glare, 11 x 8 1/2, 100/BX - Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm John at C-Line. And today we're going to talk about our Heavyweight Non-Glare Sheet Protectors. These sheet protectors are made from acid-free polypropylene and provide durable storage for your documents and reference materials. The top-loading design eliminates the need for hole punching and allows you to easily add or remove pages without taking the sheet protectors out of the binder. Plus, they have a strong, three-hole punched reinforced binding edge that helps prevent tears even with heavy use. The non-glare finish on these sheet protectors makes them ideal for viewing the contents in harsh lighting conditions, and also helps to hide fingerprints. They are packaged in an easy open, reclosable box which is handy for storage and keeps them clean and protected. C-Line Heavyweight Non-Glare Sheet Protectors store and protect your documents in their original condition. They are great for organizing your home, school, and business. Order yours now! That's all we have for today. I'm John with C-Line. Thanks for watching.
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