October is Pink Month

Just the other night I did something daring and colored my hair. Okay, I know, it doesn’t seem like a liberating experience, but I had been dying my hair myself the same shade of “bright black” for about a third of my life. So what swayed me to change? The fact that the cost of my hair color was a part of the "Pretty in Pink" promotion, where participating salons and spas offer select services at a fixed price of $31. These salons and spas also make a pre-set donation to Breast Cancer Network of Strength™ so we can receive the benefit of the discounted services.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon

Doing my part to raise awareness for causes such as this is so important, which is why I also use Pink Ribbon sheet protectors in all my binders and Pink Ribbon “Hello, My Name Is” badges at events. Not only do I enjoy the look of the pink binding edge, but I know I am doing something to help make a difference in the achievements of breast cancer research. Every time I buy a Pink Ribbon sheet protector or name badge, I feel better knowing that the company I bought from is a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

What’s on my desk right now, helping when I need to staple paper together? A Pink Ribbon Stapler. This thing is so easy to use – just use one finger to staple all your papers! And my purchase of the stapler helped CancerCare.

In addition to my pink office supplies and bold new choice in hair color, I also recently bought new golf clubs – Wilson Hope LX. I wanted a club that felt solid, but since I’m still learning, there really isn’t a difference in my game whether I use an Adams, Nike or TaylorMade club. But the Wilson clubs felt good and their grips are amazing. And a portion of every woman's Wilson golf product sale will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So I was able to get myself a rockin’ new set of golf clubs and know that my purchase will help make a difference in someone’s life.

I am so happy with my new hair color (switched to auburn), and feel great that something I would normally do, such as coloring my hair, hitting golf balls at the range, or using sheet protectors, is also benefiting an important cause like breast cancer research.

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