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I enjoy attending Toastmasters club meetings, where we give prepared and impromptu speeches, and we also learn about leadership. There are some challenges for new and existing members. First off, we often have new members join who have not met some of the current Toastmasters. For instance, they may start the one week an existing member missed. As we all know, it’s sometimes intimidating to go up to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself.

I thought, there must be a better way. While some long-time club members have a professionally printed badge, they purchased from Toastmasters International, others do not. New members often don’t even know how to go about getting this type of badge. So new members and existing members don’t always know each other by name. “Great way to network!” you might say. Sure, but besides being shy, often new members take on club meeting roles which require them to interact with members they don’t know—before any formal introductions. So not knowing each other’s names can be a challenge.

Name Tag Label Sheets for Laser/Inkjet Printers are a great way to handle these situations. These name badges can either be printed or handwritten before the next meeting. They are a great way to handle members who don’t have badges. They can be used for any event, not just club meetings. They are great at church gatherings, weddings, town hall meetings, trainings, school get-togethers, and job networking events. Having someone address you by name is a great way to break the ice. It makes both parties feel accepted and welcomed. This is the perfect solution for my Toastmasters club.N

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