Benefits of Google search come to

Ever been on a website, looking for something specific, but the search just cannot find it?  That has happened to me numerous times and I am pleased to say that that scenario will never happen to you on Why you ask?  Because C-Line's website search tool is now powered by Google!  Yes, the same technology that you use to search the entire internet is now being used to search all of Can't decide whether to search for name badges or name badge holders?  Try either one to get the result you are looking for. Or want to know all the articles and products C-Line has to offer on job ticket holders, just type it in and find out. Check out the result, and new look of the search results, below.

Screen Shot of new Website Search Tool, powered by Google

And if you just cannot get used to the results from C-Line's new search tool, simply type in the keyword or product number in the white box on the Google search page, to receive your search results in old format, complete with pictures. There are many options to new searching the website. Happy Searching!

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