12 Uses for a Shop Ticket Holder

Maybe you’ve heard them called job ticket holders, but they are also known as shop ticket holders. Basically, they are sheet protectors with a hole. Some have a hanging strap as well. I don’t know about you, but I’ve used sheet protectors my entire life and always find new and interesting things I can use them to protect.

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Here are some things you might use them to protect:

  1. Job tickets: The old standard. Shop ticket holders have been used this way for decades to protect important job information in the factory/warehouse from the sometimes greasy, grimy, dirty hands of shop workers.
  2. Human Resource Announcements: Anytime an important announcement needs to be disseminated, it can go into a shop ticket holder, and be hung where people can read it around the office. Check out our Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holders here.
  3. Event Flyers: Think of all those events that happen around the office, or in your everyday world. Use holders for flyers about Toastmaster meetings, baby showers, or movies playing in the dorm. Display flyers wherever they will get the most traffic.
  4. Classroom Sheets: Place reading and math and other classroom training sheets inside. Since these holders can be used as a dry erase surface, just place the document inside, write on the vinyl surface, and erase. Teachers can use these for all their classes.
  5. Parts: Because the holders are basically a pocket, you can put little parts and pieces, nuts, bolts, etc.  (perhaps separated in poly bags) into them. Offering easy to access to multiple people.
  6. Colored Paper: If you buy a larger sized shop ticket holder that is gusseted, you can put colored paper, or catalogs, inside.  Check them out here.
  7. Important Folders: Many shop ticket holders will fit a standard sized paper or poly folder. Place an important folder inside the holder so you always know where it is. A place for everything and everything in its place.
  8. Writing Tools: You can place pens and pencils and marker in some holders.
  9. License Plates: One special holder is sized and used for car tags and license places. It’s perfect for auto dealerships.  Check them out here.
  10. OSHA Documents: Certain holders have OSHA colored safety stripes to draw attention to important information inside them. Check them out here.
  11. Checklists: Keep a checklist in the holder so you can use it to check off what you have done for a process. Use it week after week.
  12. Mailing Lists: If you need to mail or email a list of customers every week but need to check off who you sent it to, why not use the holder to protect your original document, then erase after each use. You reduce paper waste in this way.
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