Expect the Unexpected with these Dry Erase Sheets

You might have thought that blog article on using 24” x 17” Peel & Stick Dry Erase Sheets at the Toastmasters meeting was useful. Or maybe you thought it was uninspired since it felt like an expected use for a dry erase sheet. Where else but at a meeting would you use dry erase sheets after all?

But there are other uses for dry erase sheets. A more inspired, unexpected use would be to use the smaller 11” x 8-1/2” Dry Erase Sheets at home in your kitchen. “In the kitchen?” you ask. Yes, here, the smaller dry erase sheets can be used for a quick, down and dirty grocery list. Just stick a sheet to a kitchen wall. These sheets can easily be moved and repositioned without damage. Next, write down your grocery list on the sheet using a dry erase marker.

When done creating your grocery list just take a photo with your cell phone and bring it with you to the store. Once you’ve taken the photo, you can take a dry paper towel and erase it, so it’s clean for the next grocery list. By just taking a photo you won’t wear out the adhesive as quickly that adheres to the wall.

You might even choose to add permanent items to your list with a permanent marker and/or choose to use a number to indicate what quantity you want of each item. By adding some things permanently, you won’t have to write out staple items over and over again.

Another option is to use these letter-sized dry erase sheets as a to-do list, using the same thinking as the to market list. Things you do repeatedly, you can add to your list permanently, and those that change can be erasable. This also works out great if other members of your household put their initials next to the items they will be doing. That way one person doesn’t have to do all the errands for that day.

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