Having your office walls work for you

With your desk drawers organized, let's turn our attention to the "walls" as a means to organize your office.  There are several ways to utilize the vertical space in your office, home, or cubicle to make your workspace more efficient.
  1. Cubicle KeeperIf you have a fabric wall or board, use this to hang ongoing projects, schedules, and tasks. For instance, I am currently working on color combinations for new products. So on my board, I have paper swatches pinned up. This way, I am able to change them daily and see which color combinations work best together. Next to the swatches is a current listing of new products, so that I always have a reminder of what I need to strive for. Since I access the list daily, it is kept in a Cubicle Keeper, allowing for quick, easy changes when needed.

  2. Magnetic Cubicle KeeperMost of us have a file cabinet or two, and while the inside space is highly utilized, what about the outside? Maybe you have a calendar or child's drawing taped up, but do you have anything that would help you work faster? Try using a Magnetic Cubicle Keeper to store frequently viewed lists. Removable and repositionable holders are best for easy adjustments.
  3. Self-Stick Dry Erase SheetsTake any surface in your office - wall, file cabinet, drawer - turn it into a dry erase board. For this, use self-stick Dry Erase sheets. These allow you to jot down lists, ideas, notes when on the go, and come back to them later. This works great for those late-night brain-storming sessions.
Off to write tomorrow's "to do" list on my dry erase sheet.  See you next week!

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