Turkey, Potatoes and Pie, Oh My...

This past weekend, what did you do? Well, I spent my two days away from the office sifting through piles and years of recipes. Yes, it took that long to come up with the perfect mix of appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts to host the ultimate Thanksgiving!Biodegradable Sheet Protectors for Recipes Once I had all my recipes compiled, I placed them all into biodegradable sheet protectors. These holders not only keep all my Thanksgiving Day recipes in one place, but also protect them from the splatters, spills and splashes of ingredients that will no doubt happen in my frenzied kitchen this Wednesday and Thursday. After the holiday is over, I will take the recipes out and put them back in my files. The holders will then be used to store my holiday cookie recipes. And once the sheet protectors have been used as much as possible, which is not too long with my skills in the kitchen, I can throw them away and know they will not harm the environment. So what, may you ask, are we eating this Thursday?  Sage butter roasted turkey, clove scented baked ham, old-fashioned stuffing (in and out of the bird), smashed red potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon maple butter, Mom's green bean casserole, pecan corn bread, creamed spinach, pumpkin soup, apple walnut salad, pumpkin pie, caramel apple turnovers, and individual chocolate lava cakes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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