Before and After: Self-Laminating Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit

This past weekend I was at a friend of mine’s house.  When I walked in the door she was writing a list of chores each person in the house had to complete that week.  Between herself, her husband and two kids they each have their own responsibilities to keep the house in order.  Doing the same chores every week can get boring so every week she assigns different chores to each person.  Rewriting the list every week was getting to be a hassle, so I suggested her to use C-Line’s Self Laminating Magnetic Styles Name Badge Holder Kit to create a chore board. 

By using the Self-Laminating Magnetic Style Name Badge Holder Kit, she would just have to write each chore down once, position it inside the protector and simply peel back the protective liner and seal the card. Now dividing up the chores was easy and if someone wanted to switch chores with another, all they had to do was swap each chore card under their name.


C-Line's Self-Laminating Magnetic Style Name Badge Holder Kit Before: Handwriting chore charts are time consuming.

She would rewrite the chores every week and have everyone agree to which chores they were going to complete that week. A time-consuming task each week.


C-Line's Self-Laminating Magnetic Style Name Badge Holder KitAfter: Use the Self-Laminating Magnetic Name Badge Holders to save time from writing chores over and over again.

Now all the chores are written on cards that are laminated with magnets on the back. She keeps them all in a group together and everyone can choose which chores to complete throughout the week. There’s even a spot on the board under each person’s name where they can put the chore tag once it is completed. This makes it easy for her to know which chores have been completed and which chores each person is still working on. You can also use this idea on a whiteboard or on a fridge. Have you used the Self-Laminating Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit for other purposes? Comment below or connect with us through Facebook to let us know how you used this product.

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