Introducing C-Line’s New Product: Magnetic Storage Pocket Projector

Are you always trying to follow technology trends to buy the latest and the best gear?  Are you wondering what is the new hot topic? If you want to stay ahead of the technology trend, we got a little secret for you. C-Line has created a unique Magnetic Storage Pocket that is also a projector. Displaying images or playing movies on-the-go cannot get any easier with the Magnetic Storage Pocket Projector. C-Line has utilized the most high-end technology and worked with the most elite engineers and designers to create this one of a kind product. The storage pocket features a white write-on dry erase panel that has dual purpose. It not only allows users to add detailed information to help identify what is stored inside the pocket, but it is also a projector which can recognize pictures and DVDs and display them on a surface. You can also use it as a pocket to keep your smaller office supplies such as markers, pencils, erasers, etc.
C-Line's Magnetic Storage Pocket Projector Display pictures or DVDs anywhere with the Magnetic Storage Pocket Projector.
Here is how the Magnetic Storage Project Protector works:
  1. Place a picture or DVD inside the storage pocket
  2. Attach the pocket on any flat metal surface or have it stand up straight
  3. Adjust the pocket to display your pictures or movies through the front panel
Share with us your thoughts on this incredible product! For more information on the Magnetic Storage Pocket Projector, please click here.

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