Tip of the Month: Keep Events Sorted with the Expanding File with Hanging Tabs

January seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye, which is another reason for all of us to get organized. Recently a customer, who is an event planner, reached out to mention that she has a lot of events and fundraisers happening throughout the whole year and a notebook is simply not enough to keep her projects organized. We at C-Line are always happy to keep each other on task; with all the trade shows that are on my plate I know the necessity of having things organized. Expanding Files are one of the most used office products because they are portable and handy. Our newest product member of the expanding file family is the Expanding File with Hanging Tabs, which comes in 7-pocket and 13-pocket styles. The most unique part of this file are the retractable hanging tabs that allow it to be used in a filing cabinet. Plus, there is an elastic closure to secure your documents - that means you can easily transport your documents when you need to meet with a client or travel anywhere. Here are some quick insights on how I keep organized with the Expanding File with Hanging Tabs:
  • Alphabetize by Project/Event Name: Expanding Files hang inside the filing cabinet by sliding the hanging tabs out. Inside the expanding file are documents identifying the project/event by name.
  • Sort by Date/Time: Each expanding file has pre-printed tabs that help sort papers. Arrange the events either by day, week or by month to have a clear timeline of each event.
  • Categorize by Project/Event Type: Each event can be grouped in a certain section, for an event planner for example – birthdays, weddings, fundraisers, etc. The expanding files store letter-size pages inside and the heavyweight polypropylene material will keep documents protected.
C-Line's Expanding File with Hanging TabsThe multi-purposed Expanding Files with Hanging Tabs can be used to organize all types of projects and files.
Have you tried this versatile Expanding File with Hanging Tabs yet? Share with us how you used it in the comment section below.

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